Australian water dragon diet

The vitamin D3 helps the dragon to absorb calcium which crucial for bone structure and growth. On a mature male you will see a stronger black stripe on the head, as well as more obvious silver coloured lips.

A male water dragon can reach a length of australian water dragon diet m and weigh about 1 kg. Getting inside a fantastic amount of vegetables and fruits is needed for both equally meat eaters and vegetarians alike, but other sources of protein need to be located for vegetarians. It has black bands running across its body and tail and a "crest" of spines which start on its head and extend down its back and along its tail.

In the cooler areas of its range, it digs a hole under a log or rock and hibernates from autumn through winter, emerging from late winter to mid spring. Australian Water Dragon Diet The diet of the Australian Water Dragon included worms, insects, frogs, fruit, vegetation, small mammals, and molluscs.

Diet Eastern water dragons are active during both the day and night time. These spikes continue down the spine, getting smaller as they reach the base of the tail. These sometimes act aggressively and might bite humans too.

Both males and females display typical agamid behaviour such as baskingarm-waving and head-bobbing. When the mother has laid the eggs, she backfills the chamber with soil and scatters loose debris over it.

An adult diet includes small rodents such as baby mice, although insects are still the most commonly consumed. Reptiles need to be able to move easily between different temperature zones to enable them to control their own body temperature.

Habitat Eastern water dragons are semi-aquatic lizards that are found along the east coast of Australia. The species is very common in the rainforest section of Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha in Queensland, and a monument has been built to them there.

Certainly mine generally will appear to ignore me when I enter their vivaria to dig up eggs or perform other routine chores. While it is a good idea to provide as big a water container as possible, it is worth remembering that if the water is very difficult to change, because the container or the water volume is very large, then it may not get changed as frequently as it should.

Males show bolder colouration and have larger heads than females. Both subspecies are light greenish grey in overall colour with black bands running across their back, tail and legs.

When kept outdoors it is essential they have access to an underground hide to avoid the extremes of both hot and cold weather.


Mating occurs near waterways and the male is very territorial during this time. Products derived from animals can't be eaten with a vegan diet, but on the vegetarian diet it is possible to eat such things as dairy and eggs, just no meat.

He will perform a series of head bobs, arm waves, tail flicks and arm waving to discourage other males from encroaching on his territory. The water level should be at least deep enough to allow the dragons to totally immerse their bodies under the water.

When using UV tube lighting, branches should be positioned so the dragons can choose to bask within 20cm of the light, whether near they are near the heat source or not. Heating The vivarium should contain thick branches that enable the dragons to get off the ground, and bask near a heat source.

As its name suggests, the Australian water dragon is associated with water and is semi-aquatic. After mating, the female lays between six and twenty eggs in a nest dug into soft soil above the floodline of a nearby waterway.

But it helps them to overpower on their food.

Water Dragon Care Sheet

The enclosure needs to be intensely hot at one end, but have enough distance for the temperature to drop at the cool end. They are fast runners and strong climbers.

Eastern water dragons are active all year, but in the cooler parts of their range, they will experience a dormancy period. Australian Water Dragon Reproduction Australian Water Dragon spends their most of time living in the cooler Australian environment hibernate over winter.

Secondly, the vivarium needs to have a sufficient length to allow for the creation of a temperature gradient. Considering the quantity of organic and scrumptious food items you may decide on from with all the Mediterranean Diet plan, it really is undoubtedly really worth searching into 40 Day Diet.

Proudly Sponsored by. Immature Australian Water Dragons can be difficult to sex. I find larger dragons especially love Morio worms, Blaptica dubia roaches, well grown hopper locusts, and adult crickets.

Adopt Me Did You Know? It has long, powerful legs and a long, strong tail with flattened sides to assist with swimming. The skin will shed during periods of growth.Eastern water dragons are active all year, but in the cooler parts of their range, they will experience a dormancy period.

The dragons may then dig a small hole under a log or rock, they then will seal the entrance, and emerge in the warmer months. · The Australian water dragon (Intellagama lesueurii) is one of the most incredible looking lizards on the planet.

Given the right care, they even make fantastic pet Clint's Reptiles.

Eastern water dragon

Australian Water Dragon (Physignathus lesueurii) - Caresheet Introduction. The Australian Water Dragon is also known as the Brown Water Dragon, or in its native homeland, the Eastern Water Dragon. · YouTube TV - No long term contract Loading Live TV from 60+ channels.

Australian water dragon

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Diet: both plants and animals, including insects, frogs, small reptiles and mammals, yabbies and other water animals, fruits, berries and flowers. WATER DRAGON CARE SHEET.

Australian Water Dragon care sheet

The Eastern Water Dragon is found from Cooktown in Queensland, throughout New South Wales and Eastern Victoria. There are two known forms - .

Australian water dragon diet
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